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Don't pay $23.90, $19.95 or other high prices when you can get cheap dial up internet access from quality dialup internet service providers. At DialupInternet.us, we list top quality dial up providers and include useful comparison information and the links you need to sign up at each ISP.

Cheap Dial Up Internet Service Providers

ArcZip dialup internet access is not the cheapest providers, but it's one of the best values. It's very reliable, fast and packed with more features than most dial up providers, and at $14.95, ArcZip costs a less than the top tier ISPs. With your account you get free wireless internet access, 10 email accounts, 24/7 tech support and more. Learn more about ArcZip.

Dialup Internet Access
EarthLink is a top tier isp, and you can use our link to sign up for the discount price of just $9.95 for your first 6 months. It is a great deal for quality dial up access, and this offer may not last long. With Earthlink internet, you get all the top end features available like Spam Blocker, Popup Blocker, extra email addresses, free web space, nationwide access numbers, 24/7 tech support and fast connections. Sign up today to take advantage of this special discount offer. More on Earthlink Dialup.
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PeoplePC Online
As one of the fastest growing nationwide dial up isp services, many people are choosing PeoplePC Online. The People PC Online dial up ISP service is only $10.95 and accelerated service is only $15.95. Save more with our link and you get the first 3 months for 1/2 price (only $5.47 per month) and free internet accelerator for 12 months (a $60 value!) Phone tech support is $1.95 per minute. Get more PeoplePC Online info.
Dialup Internet Provider
Netscape ISP
At $9.95 per month, Netscape internet is a cheap dial up service provider. Sign up now for a One Month Free Trial. Their high speed internet accelerator is available for just $5 more per month.

Netscape only provides 1 free email account, but additional email addresses are available for $2.00 more per month. Other upgrades are Advanced Spam Blocker for $1.00 more per month and E-mail virus scan for $1.00 more per month. Tech support costs $10 per issue. While free tech support is definitely better, Netscape is probably a better deal than the ISPs that charge per minute, where a single 15 minute call would be almost $30.00.

Dialup Internet Service
NetZero Platinum
NetZero is another cheap ISP, with dialup access for just $9.95 per month. At this internet service provider, you can add a high speed web accelerator (NetZero HiSpeed) for just $5 more per month. NetZero HiSpeed is a pretty good deal, because it also comes with a pop-up blocker, spam & email virus protection, and 1GB of email storage.

You only get one included email address with Net Zero Platinum or Net Zero HiSpeed. You can get extra basic email accounts that are free, but they are limited and only available on the web. If you want more full service email accounts, you will need to pay extra for Net Zero MegaMail.

Calls to technical support cost $1.95 per minute, which can really add up. For example, a 20 minute call would cost $39.00.

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SBC Yahoo Dial
SBC Yahoo Dial is only a small discount from the top tier isp providers, but with all the included features, they are worth considering. The regular price is $21.95 per month, but if you use our links you can choose the 6 month commitment, where your price drops to $15.95 per month. Either way, with our link, the first 30 days are free. (Click through on the join links and before you begin to register, you will see a message how the first month is free or how billing will begin after approximately 30 days.)

SBC Yahoo Dial is packed with free included features such as a main email account with 2 GB of online storage space, 10 additial email addresses, each with 250 MB of space, 60 MB of online storage (SBC Yahoo! Photos and Briefcase), parental controls, and more. Telephone tech support is included for free.

Dial Up Internet Provider
Juno Platinum
Juno is just like NetZero, with standard $9.95 dial up access and high speed dialup access for $14.95 a month.

This dial up internet provider is essentially the same as NetZero, since they share the same parent company, United Online. However, you will still want to check this Juno link, because sometimes Juno offers different dialup service specials than NetZero.

For example, right now Juno Platinum is only $6.95 a month for your first 12 months and Juno SpeedBand (high speed with popup blocker) is only $9.95 a month for your first 12 months.

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Cheap Dialup Internet Access Services Providers
If you think MSN and AOL charge too much for dial-up services, check out the cheap internet service providers we list above. There are quite a few quality ISP providers you can turn to for cheap internet access.

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